Hot Commodities

Today I turn my focus on the glory of gold and crude oil. Yes, you heard right, crude oil. Soheila Sokhanvari, the “IT” girl of the art world has explored and recreated drawings with the two most precious commodities in the world. They are spontaneous and mesmerizing! She depicts the history of political and personal events which have had an enduring and emotional effect on her life and illustrates the implications these commodities have had on our world. Soheila never ceases to surprise us with her new works. I have picked out 6 out of 20 wonders.

by Neda Nickzad

The Catalyst

Maryam Amini a.k.a Mimi Amini always has a commode full of curiosities and an aura to match. An established multi-disciplinary artist, she is perpetually crushing barriers and breaking new grounds. Her work challenges our materialistic whims and celebrates the ethereal effects of time on every little thing. This girl can turn any memory into something concrete, inviting her viewer to relish the limitless beauty of her variety.

Since the first time I saw her work, she has not ceased to engage my eyes and stimulate my imagination. Creating magic and imbuing them with life through her multifaceted works, she is constantly striking a balance between fiction and reality. Watch her closely as she will be coming out with a new colossal work in the near future.

By Neda Nickzad

I have selected my favorites but checkout her site for more.

Transcendant Tales

The whole idea behind graphic novels is to be able to tell a story with illustrations and to find the right balance and dialogue and narration to include so you don’t detract from the flow of the storytelling. Sahar Khorasani’s art does exactly that. Her work evokes my childhood memories of the Shahnameh: The Epic of the Persian Kings. Sahar illustrates her stories in a thousand intricate and beautiful artistic flourishing. She fuses classic Persian art and modern collage-esque sensibilities.

My primary motivation is to share her tales with the world, anime fantasy buffs, and the youth of ongoing Persian diaspora looking to connect with their cultural traditions. Sahar is a gifted artist and her illustrations are simply beautiful. She blends artistic styles across the Near East and adds her mélange of assorted traditional Persian styles.

by Neda Nickzad

Checkout my favorite selection or follow her on instagram.

Rich Treasury

A selection of artists from the treasury of Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts. The artists chosen are from the various schools of Abstract Expressionism, Tachisme, Post Painterly Abstract, and Lyrical Abstraction, yet they all share a common thought process based on spontaneity and improvisation.

N'est-ce Pa

The world of this Parisienne, this creator of cool and rebel chic, exudes luxe vivid images, little pleasures and memories. The words that parade in mind when I look at her images is: daring, poised, spirit of freedom, strong energy, vibration, youth and rock & roll. The o'dour of her images is none other then the sweet smell of Parisian nicotine.

The woman behind the images that has piqued my interest, Emmanuelle Mottaz, brings a revitalized temptation to the art of photography. She knows every single detail is important and you better believe there is hot music playing in the background of her shoots. Powered by musical and youth subcultures, she lets us have it!

Versatile in taste, age, and interest juxtaposed in her images, has that je ne sais quoi that I am deeply attracted to. Get lost in her diary at

or view the ones I love at

by Neda Nickzad


Gundam Ganzon


Everyday I get to see amazing art and photography. Yet, I always pick the ones I imagine myself in and have a unique story with their creator.
Mark and I share the story of an 18K gold Gundam and my love for his art, which ranges from illustration, painting, graffiti, anime to photography. I have been witness to his great eye which has burgeoned into a bold image maker and storyteller. Many have talent but I have seen Mark pursue his with such passion and intelligence like no other. He is the artist to lookout for. checkout his vibrant portfolio at

or view the ones I love at

by Neda Nickzad

Mind full of Pato

Staring at Pato's images, you can really get lost and go deeper and deeper into his stories. They evoke passion and a cultural richness inherent in his chic personal style. Exploring the charm of his surreal set designs, the various walks of life and self portraits, leaves a sense of overwhelming pull. Every image waiting to jump out and guide your imagination. No one creates an illusion quite like Pato Rivero! If images could speak, his would wittingly and poetically tell a thousand and one stories. Go ahead and explore for yourself at

or the ones I love at

by Neda Nickzad



Air of Badass

The dividing line between art photography and fashion photography was long viewed as critical and vital to protect ‘serious’ photography from fear and loathing in fashion. Yet, prematurely, major American photographers such as Clifford Coffin, Edward Steichen, Irving Penn and Richard Avedon, to name a few, spent years in Europe working for international fashion magazines composing images that dramatized the transient quality of costume and glamour while producing photographs of eternal beauty and gorgeous aesthetic. The visual inventiveness of Jamie Nelson reminds me of just that, transforming fashion photography into images of quality.

She navigates the delicate balance between witty art and whimsy fashion photography in her excitingly new bold concept of black, white and red photographs representing an incredible range of styles and techniques from Man Ray style scenarios to William Klein’s elegant chic and cool to Peter Gee’s silk screens of the 60s British mod-ness.

I have followed Jamie’s work for some time now and her real badass style and popular culture themes has blossomed from coquetry into a love affair with art photography. Her work transcends fashion and her style is an inspiration to all artists. But most of all what I love about Jamie is that we share a common love, fast American muscle cars!

Be an empty observer as you watch her images glide and unfold in front of your sparkly eyes. at

or the ones I love at

by Neda Nickzad



Art Emerges

I feel an artist discovers what they have to say by action. It is felt during the working process, being open to peeks and peeps, fearlessly gaining whatever happens no matter what, to reach a personal style. I have observed and pursued Carl’s art. I learn something new about it through his experiments and emotional process. He is not afraid to share his progress. I love this radical ultramodern art form, studied and played with, practiced and mastered. Carl’s technique begins by emptying his canvas so that he can stock it with cause and effect. This emptying and doing over looks and means that he detaches from pre-set styles and the tyranny of cookie cutter art. I never know what the outcome is, but I am curious. In his paintings there is intense temperature but in the middle of the dissolving tangles there seems to be chances for shapes to take risks because they are with feeling. His art fascinates and interests me. Carl Barnett is one to watch! I look forward to his manifestation.

Go see his art at his studio in NYC and if you can’t, checkout his blog.

or view the ones I love at

by Neda Nickzad